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Mtume band's 'C.O.D.' used for new Mary J Blige single

James Mtume and the #MtumeMusic team faithfully re-recorded many of the signature Mtume band tracks before his passing. Doing so allows us to control who we license our music to, in order to be used as samples in modern productions.

Thank you to Mary J Blige and Vado and their production team, including Jeff Gitty Gitelman and DJ Cassidy, for delivering a jam with 'Still Believe In Love'. Check the credits on the track for acknowledgement of the sample and proper writing contributions.

The sample on Mary’s track is from James Mtume and Tawatha Agee's “C.O.D” which first appeared on the Mtume band's 1984 album “You, Me and He”. You can listen to 'Still Believe In Love' here.


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