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Thank you from Mtume Music

Celebrating the legacy of James Mtume on the second year of his passing

James Mtume receiving a ceremonial street name in South Philadelphia is just one of many highlights of his continuing legacy

THANK YOU to all who celebrated James Mtume last week for his birthday, January 3rd, and who remember him today on the second anniversary of his passing, January 9th. You continue to keep Baba's legacy alive today and into the future. Please enjoy a few of the 2024 birthday celebrations from Nelson George, Lonnie Liston Smith, and Dyana Williams at the end of this post.

We are appreciative of every single Mtume fan who together make up the Mtume Music community and family, including all the fellow musicians, poets, artists, activists, and leaders in Mtume's circle. The family sees and enjoys all of the comments, likes, and follows his pages have received on Instagram and Facebook in the past few weeks, especially around his birthday celebration.

Social media can fail us sometimes and we would like to be connected to you via our own site. Therefore, encourage you to sign up for our email list so that we may keep you up to date with Mtume Music news. Just hit the "subscribe" button on the main page.

Meanwhile, we would like to share our appreciation of our growing audience. We recently measured the reach of the music of the Mtume band and James Mtume - not including his incredible songwriting and production contributions to other artists and groups. Here are some big 2023 numbers to share:

  • Across all major streaming services, Mtume Music recorded 25 million new streams in 2023

  • Mtume Music added roughly 700 new Spotify followers a week in 2023, totaling 34,500 new followers for the year. One MILLION new listeners hearing Mtume for the first time on Spotify.

  • 15,000 new subscribers to the Mtume YouTube channel with 10 million new streams of video and music on the channel

  • Mtume Music was identified by listeners using the Shazam content ID service, 221,000 times

  • Mtume Music recorded 373 superfans on Spotify, and 775 superfans on Amazon - was it you?

  • We would like to thank all fans across the world but especially those in the countries that streamed Mtume Music the most beyond the USA, that's South Africa, Japan, UK, France and Germany.

  • Let us know in the comments on if you think you know what the top 3 streamed Mtume songs in 2023 are ..

Some of the great birthday celebrations:


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